Hello and welcome to my website! This is my husband Gary and I after taking a stroll on Melbourne beach.


Let me tell you a little bit about me, I am originally from Birmingham in the UK, although prior to moving to Florida, Gary and I lived for almost 30 years on the small Island of Jersey off the coast of France.  After spending many enjoyable vacations in the US our dream was of one day being able to live here and we are enjoying every minute!


Whilst recovering from surgery in the UK, Gary saw a TV program that would bring us to our dream and change our lives for the better!


Moving to Florida and being the owners of our own property management and vacation rental company was one of our best decision’s we ever made.  To say we have learned so much and met many wonderful people would be an understatement!  I am also a yoga teacher and teach 5 classes a week.  So as you can see I wear a few ‘hats’ and I enjoy them all!


Deciding to become a Realtor® and Business Intermediary was also a great decision for me.  I have helped some wonderful families find their dream home, whether it be their primary residence or investment home and I am excited to work with people just like us who want to make their 'Living the American Dream' a reality. 


Whether you are looking to buy or sell property, please know that I work hard for my clients and listening to their needs is the only successful recipe for making sure each transaction is a win win situation for them.

Before moving to Florida we used to be big world travelers, now we love to travel around Florida and enjoy it's beautiful scenery, wildlife and nature.  In our down time we also love to go to concerts, visit the theme parks, scuba dive, walk on the beach and enjoy the company of great friends.